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  1. Ta pouco.. ta bem pouco kk
  2. Verdade. Mas ai, faz um script pra mim?
  3. É, realmente interessante isso. Deve funcionar para os sem dedos, como eu.
  4. cria uma conta no cartão ebanx, é um cartão de crédito internacional, consegue até fazer compras de fora de boa. Adiciona saldo por boleto, no dia seguinte cai o saldo, ai só usar onde desejar
  5. Até onde sei, é um APK que usa o client dele lendo sua data e com isso, loga no servidor em questão. Esqueci o site do rapaz que fez o APK edit: achei; http://roworkshop.com/andro/main/index.html
  6. nada melhor do que o original.
  7. Pronto, CLIQUE AQUI
  8. Greetings, Saviors! We would like to announce the details of our weekly maintenance. Make sure to check below for the maintenance schedule and patch notes. Please note that other issues and bugs are also being worked on even if they are not mentioned below. Maintenance Period [EDT] 22:00 to 05:00 (May 15-16, 2017) [BRT] 23:00 to 06:00 (May 15-16, 2017) [CET] 04:00 to 11:00 (May 16, 2017) [SGT] 10:00 to 17:00 (May 16, 2017) 1. IMPORTANT ALL GODDESS' BLESSED GEMS RETURNED - There will now only be 1 type of Goddess' Blessed Gem. - All the Goddess' Blessed Gems you have your possession will be extracted and returned to your character(s). - You will also receive an amount of Goddess' Blessed Gems corresponding to the current transcendence stage of your transcended items. - Any Goddess' Blessed Gems you had in your Team Storage will be sent to the Market's Retrieve tab of the first character in your lodge character list. - Any Goddess' Blessed Gems you were keeping in your personal inventory or storage will be returned to the corresponding character's Market Retrieve tab. - Make sure to check the Market's Retrieve tab of your character(s) to get back the Goddess' Blessed Gems. ALL ATTRIBUTES CONVERTED TO POINTS - Attributes will be reset and the silver invested will be returned in the form of Attribute Points in accordance to a preset calculation method. - You will be able to purchase more Attribute Points at the respective Class Masters, where you can also check your current amount of Attribute Points. 2. MAIN CHANGES New Damage Calculation Formula - The damage calculation formula has changed to a 'log scale down formula' from the previous 'attack/defense-based damage formula': Damage = damage = (% factor) x attack x log10 ((attack / defense + 1)^0.x + 1) + additional damage Reworked Attribute System - Attributes will be reset and the silver invested will be returned in the form of Attribute Points in accordance to a preset calculation method. - Attribute Points will be purchasable from Class Masters, while certain attributes may have been removed or changed to be basic skill functions. - Rank 8 attributes will cost approximately 20% less. - Attributes from below Rank 4 that do not exceed 1,000 silver will have their prices reduced. Transcendence Changes - There will now only be 1 type of Goddess' Blessed Gem. - All the Goddess' Blessed Gems you have invested and/or in your possession will be extracted and returned to your character(s). - Any Goddess' Blessed Gems you had in your Team Storage will be sent to the Market's Retrieve tab of the first character in your lodge character list. - Any Goddess' Blessed Gems you were keeping in your personal inventory or storage will be returned to the corresponding character's Market Retrieve tab. - Gem requirements for transcending have been adjusted. - 90% of Goddess' Blessed Gems will be returned in the form of Blessed Shards depending on how many times you have succeeded in transcending your item (the number of Blessed Shards will be calculated by rounding down to the nearest number). For example: Transcendence Stage 1 = Used 1 Blessed Gem = Succeeded Transcendence Stage 2 = Used 3 Blessed Gems = Succeeded Transcendence Stage 3 = Used 1 Blessed Gem = Failed - In the case above, the item was transcended to stage 2 by using 4 Blessed Gems. - 90% of 4 is 3.6 which means that 30 Blessed Shards will be retrievable. - Transcendence will now increase item abilities as follows: Stage 1 = +20% Stage 2 = +20% (cumulative +40%) Stage 3 = +20% (cumulative +60%) Stage 4 = +20% (cumulative +80%) Stage 5 = +20% (cumulative +100%) Stage 6 = +20% (cumulative +120%) Stage 7 = +20% (cumulative +140%) Stage 8 = +20% (cumulative +160%) Stage 9 = +20% (cumulative +180%) Stage 10 = +20% (cumulative +200%) Enhancement Changes - Enhancement costs have been drastically reduced. - Cost and increased stat numbers will look different depending on the type of equipment. - Enhancement STATISTICS will increase as follows, compared to Normal-grade items: Magic: 120% Rare: 150% Unique: 200% Legend: 250% - Enhancement COSTS will increase as follows, compared to Normal-grade items: Magic: 133% Rare: 167% Unique: 200% Legend: 233% Equipment Balance Reworked - Armor, Pants, Gloves and Boots will all have physical and magic defense as main features. - Attack/defense statistics of equipment items have been modified due to changes in the combat system. Team Storage Available For All - Team Storage will now be usable without a Token. However, Token Benefits will be required to deposit/withdraw silver (must be at least Rank 2 to deposit/withdraw silver). - 5 slots will be initially provided per team. - Token Benefits will provide an additional 10 slots per team. - Up to 30 slots can be used per team. 3. ITEM CHANGES New Hunting Grounds - Rancid Labyrinth (Recommended Lv 280): Accessible via Grynas Hills. Lv 280 armor can be obtained from the Unidentified Cubes gained from this map. - Balaam Camp Site (Recommended Lv 300): Accessible via the Rancid Labyrinth. Lv 270 weapons can be obtained from the Unidentified Cubes gained from this map. - Michmas Temple (Recommended Lv 320): Accessible via the Balaam Camp Site. Lv 315 weapons and Armor can be obtained from the Unidentified Cubes gained from this map. New HP and SP Potions - Large HP/SP Potions, Huge HP/SP Potions have been added to NPC Shops. - Large Potions will allow characters to recover 80% of what they would be able to when using a potion created by a Lv 8 Tincturing skill Alchemist. - Huge Potions will allow characters to recover 80% of what they would be able to when using a potion created by a Lv 15 Tincturing skill Alchemist. Enhanced HP and SP Potions - HP Potions will now allow you to recover 20% more HP. - SP increase due to character levels/stats has been increased by 50%. - The recovery over time ratio of HP and SP potions has been changed from 3:7 to 5:5. Tincturing Potion Changes - Potions from NPC shops and potions made via the Alchemist [Tincturing] skill will now have different cooldown periods and can be used together. - Potions will share cooldown periods according to the following categories. 1) Potions bought from the TP Shop or Exchange Shop (Cooldown period of 20s). 2) Potions crafted by Alchemists using the [Tincturing] skill (Cooldown period of 30s). 3) Potions bought from the NPC shops, consumable normal items, event items (Cooldown period of 45s). - Potions that recover HP and SP at the same time (e.g. Keistas Recovery Potion Lv1). - The cooldown period for Keistas Bravery Potions, Keitrys Recovery Potions and Keitrys Protective Potions will be increased by 60s from 120s to 180s. Alchemist Potions Reworked - Condensed SP Boost Potions crafted by Alchemists will have 80% less SP increase and 90% less SP recovery. - Condensed Protection Potions crafted by Alchemists will have 50% less HP increase and physical/magical defense. - Condensed SP Boost and Protection Potions will now be tradable via Team Storage, Market and Personal Trading. New Item Grade: Legend - Added 'Legend' grade items. - Legend grade items will include equipment from the Earth Tower, such as the Lolopanther and Solmiki item sets, and will have additional changes made to their statistics. New Rapier Weapons - Black Horn - Elga Rapier Reduced Cube Reopening Costs Molich Cube: 60,000 >> 20,000 Rafene Cube: 50,000 >> 20,000 Armaos' Cube: 75,000 >> 30,000 Red Lavenzard's Cube: 75,000 >> 30,000 Kalejimas Cube: 50,000 >> 20,000 Sicarius Cube: 50,000 >> 30,000 Attok Suspicious Box: 60,000 >> 10,000 Forest Cube: 50,000 >> 20,000 Sausys Cube: 300,000 >> 250,000 Violent Cerberus Cube: 50,000 >> 10,000 Noisy Mineloader Cube: 50,000 >> 10,000 Forest Keeper Ferret Marauder Cube: 50,000 >> 10,000 Kubas Cube: 50,000 >> 10,000 Burning Fire Lord Cube: 100,000 >> 30,000 Wrathful Harpeia Cube: 100,000 >> 30,000 Necroventer Cube: 100,000 >> 30,000 Glackuman Cube: 100,000 >> 30,000 Ellaganos Cube: 200,000 >> 50,000 Marionette Cube: 200,000 >> 50,000 Dullahan Cube: 200,000 >> 50,000 Prison Manager Prison Cutter Cube: 200,000 >> 50,000 Mirtis Cube: 500,000 >> 60,000 Helgasercle Cube: 500,000 >> 60,000 Rexipher Cube: 500,000 >> 60,000 Marnox Cube: 500,000 >> 60,000 Nuaele Cube: 600,000 >> 70,000 Blut Cube: 600,000 >> 70,000 Zaura Cube: 600,000 >> 70,000 Other Item Changes - Repair costs for equipment will be affected by requirement levels and the enhancement/transcendence stage of the equipment in question. - Higher potential items will have lower chances of being identified via an Appraiser. - All unidentified items will now be obtainable from Unidentified Cubes from Hunting Grounds. Unidentified Cubes cannot be re-opened. - Rank Reset Vouchers will now return all character EXP based on when they were used. - The enhancement effectiveness of the Manamana has changed from +180% to +120%. - Gem EXP will be affected by equipment levels when being used in gem enhancement. - EXP Card rewards from Wings of Vaivora have been reduced by 1/3. - The Power Staff will now be able to have additional damage equal to the character's magic attack instead of doing twice the damage of its magic attack when attacking with the C button. - Geras Spear effects changed to 50% additional attack when using the Spear Throw skill (50% additional multiplier instead of 50% additional damage). - Agni Necklace effects changed to 50% additional attack when using the following skills (50% additional multiplier instead of 50% additional damage): Fireball, Firewall, Flare, Fire Pillar, Hell Breath, Flame Ground, Meteor, Incineration, Prominence. - Karacha Set effects changed to 150% additional attack and evasion reduced by 188 when using the Backstab skill from behind an enemy. 4. OTHER CHANGES Monsters - Monsters will now be graded by the following system: Normal Monsters: Most monsters that appear on maps while questing. Special Monsters: Stronger monsters that appear in Hunting Grounds and Instanced Dungeons. Elite Monsters: Monsters that appear on maps or Hunting Grounds that are bigger, use a variety of skills and have minion monsters (minion monsters that follow Elite Monsters will only provide half the EXP of normal monsters and will not provide any items as they will be 50% weaker). - Monsters between Level 15~100 will now provide up to 1.85 times more EXP. - Elite Monsters over Level 100 will drop 10 times more silver. - HP and EXP will be readjusted on all monsters and bosses. This includes those in Hunting Grounds and Earth Tower. - Monster difficulty has been reworked. - There will be no penalties for level differences smaller than 30 between the monster and character. After 30 levels, there will be a 5% reduction per level. - Normal Monsters will no longer use advanced crowd control skills such as Knockback, Knockdown, Stun or Freeze. - Certain enhanced monster properties will be weakened (for instance, Hogma Warriors will no longer be able to ignore block penetration and block your attacks). - Certain types of monsters will have weakened physical/magical defense (for instance, Plant-type monsters will no longer be specialized in magical defense and Mutant-type monsters will no longer be specialized in physical defense). - Armaos and Red Lavenzards will provide less silver when defeated, but the other monsters will provide more per drop. - Berserkers will now deal 200% damage instead of having 200% attack. Skills and Attack - Skills have been readjusted to include damage multipliers. - Missile attacks have been categorized into Bow, Gun and Cannon type attacks. - Different attack types will have different effects against various equipment types. Slash to Cloth = 25% Pierce to Leather = 25% Strike to Plate = 25% Magic to Spirit = 25% Bow to Cloth/Leather = 12.5% Gun to Cloth/Leather = 12.5% Cannon to Plate = 25% - Property attack values will now be displayed as 'Additional Property Damage' - Minimum attack values will no longer be able to be greater than maximum attack values. - [Leather Mastery: Dexterity] will now have +30 Accuracy (3 set piece option) and +50 Accuracy (4 set piece option) benefits. - Additional status ailment resistance will be applied when the level difference is greater than 10. - Attack ranges will change according to the following information: One-hand Sword: ±5% Two-hand Sword: ±10% Rod: ±0% Staff: ±0% Crossbow: ±10% Bow: ±20% Pistol: ±10% Cannon: ±20% Musket: ±25% One-hand Mace: ±5% Dagger: ±5% Rapier: ±5% - NOTE: Specific skill-related details will be announced in a future update. Maps and Questing - Orsha will be removed from the starting city selection screen and will result in the following changes: a) Using Goddess Statues between Klaipeda and Orsha will no longer cost any silver. The Mercenary Post NPC will be relocated to Klaipeda. c) There will be a pop-up asking for confirmation before moving indoors. d) The Blacksmith NPCs in both Klaipeda and Orsha will now be able to identify items. - Exploration of the World Map and individual maps will be shared within the team. - Different sub-quests will now be shown according to the character's level: Lv 1-10: quests shown are up to 5 lvs lower or 2 lvs higher Lv 11-20: quests shown are up to 5 lvs lower or 3 lvs higher Lv 21-30: quests shown are up to 5 lvs lower or 5 lvs higher Over Lv 30: quests shown are up to 5 lvs lower or 10 lvs higher - Certain quest requirements have been changed across all maps. - Quest completion conditions changed according to adjusted monster placement and levels. - Increased chances for collecting quest items. - The Plague Doctor's Advancement quest has changed due to changes in monster skill usage. Additional In-game Tooltips - Added tooltips to the following functions: status point distribution, attributes, Mercenary Post, item identification, Hunting Grounds, mercenary missions. 5. EVENTS NEW: Daily Character Reset Event - For two whole weeks, we're giving you the chance to reset your characters' stats, skills and rank every single day! Experiment, be creative and create your best character build. - Read the details here. - This event is open until May 30, 2017. NEW: First-Time Player Event: Steps to 100 - New to Tree of Savior? Make sure to take advantage of our first-time player event to get special rewards every time your characters reach a level milestone! - Read the details here. - This event is open until June 13, 2017. NEW: Returning Player Event: Welcome Back, Savior - Returning players, we're glad to have you back. There's a special Gift Box waiting for you that will drop a prize of your choice every day! - Read the details here. - This event is open until June 13, 2017. NEW: Wild Tales of the Masters - Ever wondered what the Class Masters' lives are like? There's a girl in town who seems to know a lot about them. Listen to her stories for 23 sets of daily rewards! - Read the details here. - This event is open until June 13, 2017. 6. GODDESS' BLESSED CUBE New Goddess' Blessed Cube Edition - A new edition of the Goddess' Blessed Cube will be available at the TP Shop until May 30, 2017. - See the full list of items available here. New Costumes - Bad Kids Red School Uniform (F/M) - Bad Kids Black School Uniform (F/M) - Bad Kids Blue School Uniform (F/M) - Bad Kids White School Uniform (F/M) - Cherry Blossom Sailor Costume(F/M) NOTE: 1) The costumes above can be worn by characters of all classes. 2) The costumes above cannot be exchanged in the Exchange Shop. 3) The costumes above are tradable andcan also be moved via Team Storage. Archer Costumes in the Exchange Shop - The Archer Sailor Costume and Archer Heavily Armed Costume will now be tradable for medals at the Exchange Shop. 7. BUG FIXES Monster Bug Fixes - Black Liverwort: Fixed the issue where the [Sleep] ailment would not be properly applied to characters and would not be removed after its duration had ended. - Blue Elet: The Blue Elet monsters in Kalejimas Visiting Room will now have more natural knockdown animations. - Liverwort: Fixed the issue where the [Sleep] ailment would not be properly applied to characters and would not be removed after its duration had ended. Item Bug Fixes - Ceremonial Costumes: Using certain gestures while wearing the Archer Ceremonial Costume (Male) will no longer cause it to glitch. - Cockatrice Head: Equipping a Kepa Doll while wearing this will no longer allow the Kepa Doll to be shown on the outside. - Long Layered: Using the Call skill while wearing the Archer Circle 3 Costume will no longer cause part of the hairstyle to disappear. - Natural Ponytail: Using certain skills or attacking with a sub-weapon will no longer make a character's face invisible while using this hairstyle. - Monster Cards: Using potions will now properly activate related Monster Card effects. - Prince Waves: Equipping Mirtis Helmets while using this hairstyle will no longer cause glitches when looking in diagonal directions. - Rank Cards: Fixed the issue with remaining Rank Cards when a character is Rank 8 and Class Level 15. - Simple Color Costumes: a) You will now be able to use the Simple Costume Box to obtain the costumes within instanced dungeons. Using certain gestures while wearing the Cleric Simple Color Costume (Female) will no longer cause it to glitch. c) The Cleric Simple Color Costume (Male) will no longer cover certain hairstyles. d) Fixed certain gestures to be more natural when used while wearing the Wizard Simple Color Costume (Female). - Stackable items: Will now behave as intended when traded. - White Flower Hairpin: It will now be properly represented when worn with the Gilt Helmet. - Wonderland Costumes: Using the 'Sulk' gesture while wearing the Cleric Wonderland Costume (Male) will no longer cause graphical glitches. Graphics and Sound Bug Fixes - Fixed the issue where the click area of Automatic Party Matching was larger than the UI shown on screen. - Fixed the issue where the additional EXP UI would not be shown in certain fields or cities. - Updates in the Character Information screen(F1) will no longer cause automatic scrolling to the top. - Party and Guild information will now properly implement any changes you make to your Team name in the lodge. - Fixed the issue where the TP Shop preview function would only work while facing forwards. - The Chat UI will no longer return to its default state when logging out or moving maps. Skill Bug Fixes - Archer - Kneeling Shot: Attack speed will no longer be abnormally enhanced while using Kneeling Shot. - Quarrel Shooter - Scatter Caltrops: The skill animation has been fixed to make it appear more natural. - Oracle - Gender Switch: The reflection will now show the proper hairstyle while using the Gender Switch skill. - Sadhu - Out of Body: You will now be able to toggle the 'Hide' function for hair accessories while using the skill. Miscellaneous Bug Fixes - Fixed the issue where only 6 Red Infrorocktor monsters would appear making it impossible to continue the Lunatic Wizard (1) quest. - The stamina increase due to Plate Mastery: Defense and equipped items will now properly be applied once the items are unequipped. - Movement keys will now match the image when checked in [Game Settings] - [Joypad Settings]. - Using skills when used after the end of a Team Battle League round will no longer cause them to be activated in the next round. - The UI will no longer only show 1 item being sold when more than 1 stackable item has been sold on the Market. - Fixed the issue where selecting the 'Respawn at the nearest Revival Point' option would not allow movement to Novaha Annex, Novaha Assembly Hall or Novaha Institute. - Equipping and removing untradable Gems & Monster Cards will no longer allow them to be traded. Fonte: https://treeofsavior.com/page/news/view.php?n=975
  9. Porque estou postando? Neste, eles tocam no assunto da autonomia da LUG referente ao jogo.
  10. Jogo desde quando foi liberado, mas só jogo pra upar os personagens, pvp só por causa do evento ou por causa das missões.. bom jogo
  11. Passe de Acesso: *Para os antigos “moradores” de Asgard (com ao menos 1 personagem criado) e Odin, o acesso ao Valhalla já está garantido! Configurações do servidor: Sistem V.I.P *Diferente do servidor Thor, o VIP não necessita de pagamento adicional, ele já faz parte das configurações do servidor 10x Pergaminho de Ganância: Permite o uso da habilidade "Ganância" Preço - 2.000z 1x Pílula de HP: MHP + 5% e recuperação de HP +10% por 1 hora Preço - 10.000z 1x Pílula de SP: SMHP + 5% e recuperação de SP +10% por 1 hora Preço - 10.000z 1x Insígnia Autoritária: Aumenta velocidade de movimento por pouquíssimo tempo - Preço 10.000z Buffs V.I.P Ao adquirir qualquer um dos itens acima você pode escolher 4 tipos diferentes de buff, semelhantes as comidas Postado originalmente por Freeeee Se você pegar os buffs de atributos que não tem no 1 por exemplo e depois você pegar o 1, você fica com allstats buffados, tipo pro meu sicário quando vou upar, pego o quarto e depois o primeiro pra ter o máximo de stats possíveis. Primeiro: FOR+ 8, AGI+ 6, DES+4, ATQ +32, ESQUIVA +5Segundo: INT+8, DES+6, VIT+ 4, ATQM +40Terceiro: DES+8, AGI+6, SOR+4, ATQ +24, ATQM +24Quarto: Todos os atributos +6, ATQ +24, ATQM +24Teleportadora V.I.P Feudos: - Feudo das Valquírias- Britoniah- Bosque Celestial- Luina- Nithafjoll- ValfreyjaCalabouços 1: - Calabouço de Magma- Mina Abandonada- Umbala- Calabouço da Mina- Caverna de Payon- Depósito de Brinquedos- Prisão Subterrânea de Glast Hein- Suei Gon Lon- Tabuleiro de Go- Túnel Submarino- Calabouço da Ilha da Tartaruga- Subterrâneo do Relógio- Esgoto de Glast Hein- Esfinge- Dentro da Pirâmide- Esgotos de Prontera- Labirínto de Tatames- Interior do Santuário AncestralCalabouços 2: - Caverna de Gelo- Vulcão de Thor- Caverna Subterrânea do Lago do Abismo- Torre de Thanatos- Templo de Freya- Lightalzen- Ruínas de Juperos- Geffênia- Academia Kiel Khayr- Labirínto da Floresta- Nifflhein- Navio Fantasma- Campos de veinsArmazém com 1200 slots [1/1] Ao falar com a Kafra você terá duas opções de Armazém, cada um com 600 espaços*Alguns NPCs só mostram 1 opção de armazém, isso será corrigido em manutenções futurasTroca de nome para personagens gratuito Caso seu personagem tenha recebido o sufixo _AS ou _OD, basta ir na seleção de personagens e clicar com o botão direito sobre o mesmo*A alteração só será feita gratuitamente uma única vez, caso se arrependa de sua escolha a troca será efetuada apenas pelo Cartão de Troca de nome(25.000 Rops)Acesso liberado a Byalan 6 O Mapa do Kraken, no servidor Thor só pode ser acessado por V.I.Ps e no Asgard não era possível de acessarPara entrar basta de dirigir ao Túnel Submarino e conversar com o NPC no quinto AndarRefine com segurança! Armas de: Nível 1: Refine com segurança até +7 Nível 2: Refine com segurança até +6 Nível 3: Refine com segurança até +5 Nível 4: Refine com segurança até +4Armaduras e Equipamentos Refine com segurança até +4Habilidades Portal e Teleporte Liberados Asa de Mosca e Asa de Borboleta disponíveis por zeny Referências http://ragnaplace.com/http://ragnarok.uol.com.br/valhalla-novo-servidor/http://ragnarok.uol.com.br/novidades...do-sistema-vip Fonte: http://sites.levelupgames.com.br/forum/ragnarok/showthread.php?172853-Valhalla-Tudo-o-que-voc%EA-precisa-Saber Tem coisas ai que fica como sugestão ao emulador
  12. Confesso que nunca tive um real lag que atrapalhasse, o que me deixa desgostoso do jogo é que mesmo em PC's médios/bons o FPS é uma tristeza com muita coisa na tela.. eu acho isso sem cabimento em um jogo como esse. Mas, pessoalmente, espero que o jogo fique no bR "Saudações, Saviors. Na noite de hoje estaremos realizando a manutenção que será responsável por realocar o servidor [SA] Silute para São Paulo, Brasil. Por favor note que esta manutenção NÃO é uma migração entre servidores, o que significa que não vamos transferir equipes (teams) de um servidor para outro. A manutenção não mudará quaisquer aspectos sobre a sua equipe, itens, etc, por isso, se você está jogando em Silute, você não tem que tomar medidas especiais antes da manutenção. Esta manutenção deverá ocorrer durante o período seguinte: Previsão de duração: 10 horas Inicio: 19 de abril às 23:00 Fim: 20 de abril às 09:00 Horário de Brasilia [BRT] - Dependendo das circunstâncias, o servidor poderá ser aberto mais cedo do que o notificado. Devido ao longo tempo de manutenção, as seguintes compensações serão fornecida a todos os jogadores do servidor Silute. Elas permanecerão em seu Correio até 23 de abril de 2017, por isso lembrem-se de resgata-la antes de seu tempo expirar. [COMPENSAÇÃO] - Token [7 dias] - 1 unidade - Superior Instanced Dungeon Reset Voucher [14 dias] - 1 unidade - Instanced Dungeon Multiply Token [14 Dias] - 2 unidades - EXP Tome - 3 unidades" The #BlackStar Fonte: https://treeofsavior.com/news/?n=940 Fonte:
  13. A IMCGames anunciou no site oficial de Tree of Savior a migração do servidor Silute, hoje o servidor exclusivo da América Latina, que tem preços específicos (e mais baratos) das microtransações no Steam. Segundo o site oficial (via Tree of Savior Project), o servidor será migrado para a América do Sul durante a manutenção desta semana (nos dias 19 a 20 de abril) e não é uma migração de servidor: eles vão apenas realocar o servidor original em outra localidade (atualmente na América do Norte) e itens, personagens, etc, não sofrerão nenhuma alteração. Vai apenas diminuir a latência, o que será um ganho enorme de performance para nós, brasileiros! Lembrando que os jogadores se uniram e estão concluindo a tradução para português do game! Neste linkdo fórum oficial os jogadores poderão baixar a tradução e extrair o arquivo na pasta languageData do game (Steam\steamapps\common\TreeOfSavior\release\languageData), escolhendo depois o idioma dentro do MMO, no menu de configurações. Mais informações podem ser conferidas aqui! Tree of Savior foi lançado para PC e está disponível no Steam, sendo considerado um sucessor espiritual de Ragnarok Online. Tem uma comunidade brasileira bem ativa e fiel, com jogadores que jogam o MMO regularmente. O jogador pode acompanhar diversas comunidades e grupos, como o Tree of Savior Project e o Brasil Tree of Savior e ficar por dentro das novidades também no site oficial do game. Fonte: http://selectgame.gamehall.uol.com.br/tree-of-savior-servidor-silute-sera-realocado-na-america-do-sul/