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Sistema de Opções do Item

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Um projeto do rAthena, e agora já achegou no Hercules... agora so falta o brAthena <3 Admins adicionem eles tbm please <3




Introducing the Item Options System!







Feature Information

The Item Option System is a feature that was implemented in 2015-02-26 clients, allowing equipments to have up to 5 additional effects similar to cards or enchants. Each equipment is capable of having 5 information bars above the card slot/enchant bar that describes the effect of the option it is infused with.


New Script Commands (The following snippet is available in doc/script_commands.txt.)

*getequipisenableopt(<equipment slot>)

This function checks if the equipped item allows the use of bonus options.

Returns 1 if allowed, 0 if not.



This function is to be used with the scripts of contents listed in
db/item_options.conf only.

Returns the value of the current equipment being parsed.
If the equip was not found or the type is invalid, -1 is returned.



Gets the option information of an equipment.

<equipment_index> For a list of equipment indexes see getequipid().
<option_slot> can range from 1 to MAX_ITEM_OPTIONS
<type> can be IT_OPT_INDEX (the ID of the option bonus, @see "Id" or "Name" in db/item_options.conf)       or IT_OPT_VALUE (the value of the bonus script of the equipment, @see "Script" in db_item_options.conf).

returns the value of the slot if exists or -1 for invalid slot, type or slots.



Set an equipment's option index or value for the specified option slot.

<equipment_index> For a list of equipment indexes see getequipid().
<option_slot> can range from 1 to MAX_ITEM_OPTIONS
<type> can be IT_OPT_INDEX (the ID of the option bonus, @see "Id" or "Name" in db/item_options.conf)
<value> The value of the type to be set.

returns 0 if value couldn't be set, 1 on success.



Release Notes

  • This system allows the infusing of equipments with bonus item options.
  • This feature is constrained to clients of packet versions greater than or equal to 20150226.
  • Item Options and their effects are defined server-side in db/item_options.conf and client side in data/luafiles514/lua files/datainfo/addrandomoptionnametable.lub
  • The ID of the option must tally with the correct index of the description provided in the client side file.
  • IT_OPT_* keys and MAX_ITEM_OPTIONS macro are also exported from the source as constants.
  • If you wish to disable item options for certain (equipment) items, an additional flag `disable_options` has been added to the item sql tables, and as `DisableOptions: true/false (boolean, defaults to false !!for equipments only!!)` to the item_db.conf files.
  • Documentation is provided for script commands.
  • If upgrading, don't forget to run the sql upgrade files!


A big thanks to all the reviewers that helped make the code closer to perfection. -



Style and Script Fixes by Asheraf (https://github.com/Asheraf)
Initial design Idea in rAthena commit.



Linkhttp://herc.ws/board/topic/14581-introducing-the-item-options-system/ e http://herc.ws/board/topic/14582-item-option-system-demo-npc/


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